End Bits Casted
  • 推土机刀角

Different Technic for Different Working Conditions:

Gerneral work: hot rolled or hot extrusion

Mining work: casting

Heavy duty rock work: tungsten coating or hardfacing

In addition, the HR Tungsten coated Centre Cutting Blades & End Bits which were fitted to the same machine bucket didn’t require replacement and operated for more hours before needing to be replaced, further extending the operating life of the machine and reducing maintenance costs.

Other Related bucket lip accessories ideal for abrasion and impact resistance:

100-800mm dozer cutting edge casted after R&D 

Weld-on lip shrouds 500-800mm by casting

Loader bucket lip shrouds casted

cast Lip shrouds for buckets of hydraulic face shovels, hydraulic excavators, dragline buckets and shovel dippers.

Which is higher performance between cast end bits and tungsten hardfacing end bits in heavy duty mine work?

In HANRUI technic systems,end bits based on the same design less than 50KG , tungstun coating for general duty end bits are less performance than cast ones, and if the end bit is more 50KG, hardfacing for general work end bits is a better solution.



Liebherr dozer:

PR 716 litronic
PR 726 litronic
PR 736 litronic
PR 746 litronic
PR 756 litronic
PR 766 litronic
PR 776 litronic

KOMATSU dozers:

D66S D75S-3 75S-5 D85SE 
D61PX 60 65 40 45 41 50 53 D31PLL
D85C D135A-1 D135A-2 D150A-1 D85EXi
D155AX D155A-1 D155A-2
D275A-2 D355A-3 D455A-1
D375A-1 D375A-2  475A-1 D475A-2


D3 D3G 
931 D4 D4G 941951 955 963
D5 D5G、 D5M  D5N D6 D6H D6M D6N D6R
D7 D7H D7R 、977 973、16  877
D4、963 955、951 163H 160H
143H 140、130 14、12
D8 D8N  D8R D8T D8L
D9 D9N D9R D9T 
D10N D10 D9L D10R  D10T 
D11SS D11N D11R D11T